World-Class Field Service

The Gamma Technics service draws on 50 years of experience from Gutor LLC and Schneider Electric to provide comprehensive system analysis and standards-compliant assessment with its expert team. As Gamma Technics, our goal is to provide the most reliable service globally.
  • Process Optimization
  • Industrial Automation
  • Endüstriyel otomasyon,
  • Switch-Industrial Relay Maintenance
  • Solar System Projects
  • Industrial Battery Maintenance and Tests


Short Circuit Analysis,
Relay Coordination,
Arc-Flash Analysis,
Network and Generator Dynamics Analysis,
Power Quality and Harmonic Analysis,
Insulation Coordination Analysis,
Grounding and Lightning Protection Systems Design and Risk Analysis,
Network Integration Analysis of Power Plants,
Reactive Capacity Analysis,
Compensation Calculations,
Voltage Drop Analysis,
Current Carrying Capacity Analysis,
Measurement Transformer Sizes,
Lighting Analysis,
Material Selection and Controls,
Primary Design, 2D and 3D,
Secondary Design,
Mechanical and Construction Design,
Preparation and examination of the specifications are carried out.
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