Gutor PXP

Dual conversion UPS systems with PFC Rectifier

Gutor PxW

Highly customizable dual conversion UPS systems

Gutor WxW

Highly customizable inverter systems

Gutor SDC

Highly customizable DC output UPS systems

Galaxy VX

Highly efficient, scalable three-phase power protection with flexible operating modes for large installations, data centers and business-critical applications.

Galaxy VM

A highly efficient, easy-to-install, compact three-phase power protection system that seamlessly integrates electrical, physical and monitoring environments for customers running medium-sized data centers, industrial and plant-based applications.

Galaxy 7000

Performance 3-phase power protection with high adaptability to meet the specific requirements of medium and large data centers, structures and mission critical environments

Galaxy 5000

The latest 40-130kVA three-phase power protection designed to meet a wide range of needs, from medium-sized data centers to industrial and plant applications

Galaxy 5500

State-of-the-art three-phase power protection designed to meet a wide range of needs from medium-sized data centers to industrial and plant applications

Galaxy 3500

Compact 10-40kVA three-phase power protection with footprint to meet industrial needs and deliver outstanding efficiency.

Galaxy 300

Compact 3-phase power protection with scalable runtime for small data centers and other critical business applications.

Symmetra PX

High-performance, accurate-sized, modular, hot-scalable, 3-phase power protection for any size data center or high density power zones.

Easy UPS 3S

10-40kVA, 400V three-phase UPS, easy to install, use and service for small and medium data centers and other critical business applications.

Smart-UPS VT

Efficient 3-phase power protection against downtimes and data loss for critical applications.

Gutor PXC

High-performance, compact three-phase UPS power protection fully standardized for heavy industrial applications and harsh environments

Symmetra MW

Ultra-energy-saving, modular, scalable, three-phase power protection with industry-leading performance for large data centers and mission-critical installations

Battery Management

Intelligent charging for office batteries and remote battery management features


For electronic devices and computers Battery backup in case of interruptions, voltage protection in case of electrical surges

Back-UPS Pro

Extendable battery life in case of interruptions for high-performance electronic devices and computers, voltage protection in case of electrical surges

Easy UPS BVS Series

With the BVS series of Schneider Electric, the world's leading manufacturer of uninterruptible power supplies, let your business and entertainment not be interrupted or your internet interrupted!


Intelligent and efficient network power protection from input level to adjustable operating time. Ideal for servers, point of sale, routers, switches, hubs and other network devices.

Smart-UPS On-Line

High-density, scalable run-time dual-cycle line-connected power protection


Highly usable, redundant and scalable dual-cycle on-line power protection

Smart-UPS On-Line SR1

Double conversion on-line battery backup with scaleable runtime

Easy UPS SRVS Series

1-10 kVA Single Phase Online UPS for Your Uninterruptible Power Needs

Server Rooms

Complete physical infrastructure solution providing high availability and efficiency with low Total Cost of Ownership

Network Cabinets

A complete physical infrastructure solution that protects and upgrades your access to on-premises and cloud applications

Small and Medium Data Centers

Complete, modular, physical infrastructure solution with a maximum capacity of 1 MW, providing ease and speed in configuration, deployment and operation

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